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Strat Bright Business Consulting provides consulting services to Banks & Financial institutions with a specialized focus on Wealth & Asset Management. We bring decades of hands-on knowledge, implementing & managing Product & Product Platform strategy for Top-tier Banks.

We are one of a kind consulting firm taking up end-to-end ownership of Business initiatives with specialized & in-depth knowledge of Products, Processes & System dependencies.



Our approach to IT solutions for driving Business value is strategic & focused. We partner with best-in-class solution providers across the globe curated carefully to ensure your Business derives the maximum value with minimum risk & investment. Timely implementation, enriched functionality & nominal dollars spent is a realistic combination when right solutions are picked, implementation planned & executed properly. 

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Vendors can provide support on a specific level for their products & only generic support to your Business context. Our project resource augmentation methodlogy attempts to address this gap. Enabling you to pursue current operational goals while successfully navigating tactical goals & pursuing startegic goals. We commit to be the extended arms of your teams on Strategic initiatives.

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